Strokes gained are a way to measure how well you putt in a round with more granularity than just counting putts. This is because not all putts are equal. If you 2-putt from 75 feet, that is better than 2-putting from 12 feet and those should be counted differently. This strokes gained calculator additionally accounts for your handicap in determining your strokes gained, so your putting performance isn't being directly compared to what is expected from professional golfers.

This is based off the work of Mark Broadie, mostly from this paper. The handicap adjustment stuff is approximate, but it should be somewhat accurate and will get more accurate as this tool is used more often.

Note: When entering handicap, multiple it by -1. A perfect "bogey" golfer technically will have a handicap around -18, but for simplicity enter that as 18, which is how it is most commonly referred.

The base calculations (without putting a handicap) assumes pro level skill, which is about a -5 handicap (technically a +5 handicap, but again we multiply by -1).

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